Sarah Reed brings a wealth of life experience, a friendly and relaxed demeanor, some serious organizational skills, and a love of people to your opposite or same-sex wedding, commitment ceremony, or vow renewal.

Sarah is an award winning officiant who has performed hundreds of ceremonies in Central Texas. She specializes in crafting and performing customized ceremonies from non-religious to spiritual.  No matter what type of ceremony you choose, your input is valued and considered.  Sarah has a great respect for tradition, but also likes to have fun with her ceremonies.  She was raised Episcopalian, however, her more recent yoga studies have brought some other ideologies into the mix.  Add to that a dose of down-home humor (Sarah's dad is noted Southern humorist and writer) and an appreciation of literature and poetry (Sarah's mom is a former English teacher and writer), and you can begin to see the range of material in her arsenal to make your vows just right.

Sarah has performed weddings in more places than she can name!  And, she is a preferred vendor for:  The Barr Mansion, Camp Lucy, Le San Michele, The Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel, The Driskill Hotel, Mercury Hall, The Palm Door, Hummingbird House, Travaasa, and Chapel Dulcinea.

Sarah is comfortable performing anything from a modest, impromptu service up to a big, fancy blowout!  Her own wedding was a mix of old school glamour and Texas roadhouse.  (She's a big fan of mixing high and low culture.)  Sarah would love to talk to you about your plans. 

Contact Sarah and "Let's Do It" Vows for more information about her officiant / celebrant services for opposite and same-sex weddings, commitment ceremonies, and vow renewals in Austin, Central Texas, and West Texas.  

Sarah at her own wedding in 2000.