Go Crazy with your Groom's Cake!

While I think there's room for creativity in all areas of your wedding, one you can really go crazy with is your Groom's Cake!

I'm sure you all remember the hilariously grotesque red velvet Armadillo Groom's Cake in Steel Magnolias.  (Being young when that movie came out, this cake was my first introduction to the entire notion of a Groom's Cake.  I'd never heard of the idea!)

At Gianni and Madison's evening wedding on Friday, I was amused by the groom's Arsenal-themed cake.  (For us Yanks, Arsenal is an English soccer (football!) team with extremely devoted fans.)  Gianni is such a rabid Arsenal follower, he even worked them into his vows:  "Madison, do you agree to be a lifelong supporter of the only football team in North London, Arsenal FC?"  I'm familiar with Arsenal because of Nick Hornby's book, Fever Pitch (his poor girlfriend!).  And, I think I earned a few points with the groom for not only knowing the team, but also owning an Arsenal hat.  (I was willing to wear it in the ceremony - talk to me about costumes!  I'll do 'em!  But, I think that would have sent the bride over the edge...)

Which brings me to the most clever groom's cake I've seen.  The above "Spaghetti and Meatball" cake belonged to my friend Casey's husband.  He's Italian and this was a perfect - and fun - way to celebrate his heritage.  Bravo! 

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