Hair Today...

I just came from a fantastic haircut with my favorite stylist, Juliette, at Jackson Ruiz.  My hair always looks great, Juliette is sweet and funny, and the scalp massage ... oh the scalp massage.  I swear I wanted to smoke a cigarette after (and I don't even smoke!).  

Anyway, during my appointment, Juliette and I were discussing the recent onslaught of old Hollywood glam hairdos at the Oscars.  (See below)

hair comp.jpg

So, I asked the obvious question:  "How can I look like that?"!  Pilates and Paleo Diet aside, it turns out I *could* have that hair rather easily.  Juliette says you can book her for "day of" services like up-dos and finger waves (that's what the style above is called).  I think I might do this for an event! 

If you are wanting a little TLC on your wedding day, consider booking an hour with Juliette at Jackson Ruiz and she'll calm your nerves AND get you looking glam!

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