Some Serious Eye Candy

I came across two videos today that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!  The first is a really sweet wedding montage from a modern day wedding in California that has a serious vintage feel.  And, that stretch '56 Chevy?  Are you kidding me?!  We need one of those here in A-town!

The second video I found strikes a personal chord because I had my first "real" job at 15 working for a local fashion designer.  There were glamorous aspects of the position:  doing display in her store, styling a fashion show, working on the advertisements, etc. ... and some *not* so glamorous aspects:  washing dishes, rolling huge bolts of unwieldy fabric, running the boss' errands....  But, one job that was fascinating was custom dying fabric in the designer's basement!  I credit her with my intro to color theory.  So, take that memory and add a dash of bridesmaid dress inspiration, and I give you this:

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