The elephant in the room (I promise not to dress like one!)

Let's face it, I'm going to be in your photos.  So, please, don't be shy about asking me what I wear.  (Brides are typically sheepish when it comes to this question.  I know they are being polite, but when you put so much effort into how the rest of the wedding looks, you don't want the officiant to be the "wild card".)   I'm happy to tell you my choices and am also happy to adjust accordingly if you want something special.

My first job was in a dress shop, so I'm a bit a of a clothes horse.  I've put together several "uniforms" for my job and generally select according to weather.

For HOT Texas weddings, I generally go with this number (with a thicker belt to hold the mic pack).  I love this dress so much I bought two of them.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.14.44 AM.png

If cooler weather permits, or if it's just not the occasion for a knee length cocktail dress, I have a few options.  I often pair this tunic with a long black pencil skirt and a belt (creating a sort of "peplum" look) which can, again, accommodate a mic pack.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 10.21.02 AM.png

Another option, if it's really cool out (which doesn't often happen) is a Ralph Lauren blazer and pencil skirt. 

That's me in the background!  Look how cute Rose & Stephen are.  This venue is the Palm Door, one of my favorites!

That's me in the background!  Look how cute Rose & Stephen are.  This venue is the Palm Door, one of my favorites!

After a little trial and error (fortunately no BIG errors!), I've settled on a pair of kitten heel, pointy, black Stuart Weitzman mules as my "go to" shoes.  I can walk confidently, and not worry about eating it.   (Important!)   And, I can traverse any terrain.  Outdoor weddings in soggy sod?  No problem!  I've gotten these things re-heeled like 3 times.

Not into black?  Not a big deal.  Please talk to me about what you would like!  I am wearing an electric blue dress for a wedding this Saturday (the bride is Indian and wants COLOR!), a peach dress for a wedding in April, and a kimono with a peacock embroidered on it (yup, I'm a bit of a hoarder and own this) for a Gustav Klimt-themed wedding this month.

Going "Texas" themed and wearing boots?  Please tell me!  I've got boots galore, from basic black  or tan, to a vintage pair of Larry Mahan boots with hearts on them.

I've since added to the collection! 

I've since added to the collection! 

I promise to look cute, but not too noticeable.  This is YOUR DAY.  I got an adorable testimonial from a bride:  Cara said, "You have the most awesome blog and the cutest look (important for pictures, I don’t care what they say!), and are a super fun, totally Austin, very rockin’ officiator!"

Don't be shy.  Talk to me about what you would like your wedding to look like!

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