What's all the Hoopla?

I had the pleasure of sitting next to my lovely friend, Tillie, at a dinner on Saturday night.  She's got a very cool parasol business called Hoopla Parasols, and I have been coveting her wares for ages.  We got to talking and I realized that in our hot, Texas climate, a parasol would not only be an awesome visual element for a wedding but would also be super practical.  Can I tell you how many blazing hot ceremonies I performed?!   So, I say, parasols all around!  Bridesmaid accessory?  Check!  Guest gift? Check!  (Forget those personalized Jordan Almonds, this is way cooler.)  Mother of the Bride?  Check!  Bride, herself?  Check!  Officiant?  (Yes, please!)

Here are some yummy images from Hoopla Parasol's Summer Look Book:


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