You had me at queso....

I met with a delightful couple last night to talk about their wedding plans.  We were discussing the "day of" schedule and I asked if they were serving dinner.  They replied with a nonchalant, "Well, after the service, we're having a queso bar and then we'll be having a buffet later".  I didn't ever hear the last part of that sentence because I was like "QUESO BAR????!!!".  Genius idea.

Why stick to the same old apps?  Stuffed mushrooms?  Bacon-wrapped oysters?  I mean, they're good and all but - in my opinion - there's no better way to set the tone for a fun wedding than with massive amounts of hot cheese.  This event is being catered by Pink Avocado Catering, who always do such a yummy job.  Come to think of it, I performed another wedding catered by Pink Avocado that had a Dutch theme (think lots of BRIGHT ORANGE!) and was amused by the gigantic mountains of cheese slices and cubes set out during cocktail hour.  To paraphrase David Bowie, "Ch ch ch cheeses .... turn and face the strange... Ch ch ch cheeses...".

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