Just My Tintype!

Inspired by a cool tintype family portrait on my friend's holiday card this year, I googled "tintype Austin" to see how she might have done it.  Some of you know, my BFA is in Photography, so I have a bit of an, admittedly, love/hate history with photo and alternative process.  I've messed around with my fair share of hand painted emulsions, but never ventured as far as tintype.  It is *truly* a pain!  But, a COOL LOOKING pain. 

If you are looking for something a little different for your engagement portraits or invitation image, it turns out there are a few local folks who can do the tintype dirty work for you!  Austin is home to the husband/wife team, Loren Doyen and Adrian Whipp, of Lumiere.  Their web site features a gallery and rate info.  And, you can find Chris Bailey in Houston, doing some cool work as well.  I will post samples from each below.  Think outside of the digital box!  Analog is the new black.

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