I <3 Love & Yoga

This week was BUSY.  I performed 2 weddings and a vow renewal (two at the lovely Chapel Dulcinea and one at the awesome House on the Hill) .  Right after that last wedding on Saturday, I rushed home to chill out and lead a 4th (heart) Chakra workshop at my home yoga studio.  What a great way to spend the day - all you need is love!

So, the scoop:

Monday evening, I met Tamara and Ruben at sunset to perform a very intimate (just them!) wedding.  They were a really fun couple (she had awesome cowboy boots) and they toasted afterward with some special Scotch. 

The next evening was the 20th anniversary Vow Renewal for Melinda and Ron.  I love this couple!  They are so sweet and generous (I'm not just saying this because when we first met the bought me a cake.)!  Emotions were high and the tipping point was when Ron broke script and recited an entire Shakespeare sonnet to Melinda.  Not a dry eye in the place!  Lovely to see that romance is still alive and kicking after 20 years.

Finally, my third ceremony was for Chelsea and Daniel, an interesting mix of an Austin cowgirl and a German.  House on the Hill is perfect for weddings with out of town guests.  You can stay all weekend, swim, eat amazing food, and roll out of bed and get married.  Now, Chelsea didn't just roll out of bed - look at her! - but, there is a nice, relaxing vibe to the place.

Also included is a photo of me actually officiating.  I realized I didn't have any of these posted.  It's from Chapel Dulcinea - the light there is amazing.

A little about the yoga workshop:  the 4th chakra is located at your heart center.  We did lots of chest openers and back bends to get energy flowing and blood pumping.  It was a feel good workshop!  (With a great soundtrack, I might add.  You can stream it on Spotify.  I love putting together playlists for my yoga - I went with Love Songs, Old & New,  for this one!  http://open.spotify.com/user/122779261/playlist/4EZSVfxsKRHYnAk3U7Kc20


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