Guest at the wedding....

So, I got to be a guest at a wedding over the weekend.  What fun!   I hoofed it out to the Bay Area to attend the fabulous nuptials of my friends Emily & Wade.

The celebrations began on Friday night with a delicious rehearsal dinner at Bellanico in Oakland.  Wade surprised his future bride with a Tony Bennett serenade (accompanied by a muted jazz trumpet player).  Classy move, Wade.  I told Chris about it and he was like, "Aw, man.  He just totally ruined it for the rest of us!".

I recovered from the hard work of rehearsal dinner overeating (swiss chard malfatti with browned butter & sage, anyone?) with some shopping and a Chinese acupressure massage on Saturday.  It was rough.  Actually, it kind of was - lots of slapping! - but I left feeling invigorated and wedding ready.

My sister and I got all girlie and did each other's make-up and stuff. 

Then we were off to St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Walnut Creek!  The wedding was lovely - fairly standard Episcopal fare punctuated by some interesting readings and thoughtful music selections.   I managed to get some good photos of the ceremony.  However, I've got none of the reception except for an opening shot, because I was having TOO MUCH FUN to take photos.  What a nice problem!  Wade & Emily created a carnival/fair theme in the church parking lot:  complete with game booths, food trucks, a photo booth, a mini tennis court (I shed my heels and painfully lost to the groom), and a full stage (more on that later).  The games were hilarious and very couple-specific.  We had to learn to count to 10 in German in one minute (Emily is a German translator), we got to guess the combined mileage of their 2 ancient Hondas (which were thoughtfully parked next to the booth for full examination possibilities), there was a "surprise soup" game where you had to guess ingredients, an Episcopalian trivia game (Elisabeth and I got cocky because we were both acolytes, but we are obviously a bit rusty in that department!), there was a coin toss (I ruled!), and a breakfast cereal box puzzle game (I didn't rule!).   You get the point.

The food trucks had some seriously good Asian street food and some sandwiches that I didn't try.  There was also a frozen custard truck.  Oh my goodness!  Yum. 

And, the stage.  Oh, the stage.  It was home to an awesome funk band called "No Doubt About It".  They played some classics!  Think:  "Brick House" genre.  I was all "Cher" and had a change of shoes at the ready.  By the end of the night, the soles of my shoes were all scratched up and the little rubber things on the heels had twisted off.  That means I had fun!  We danced and danced and then formed a line lit by hand held sparklers for the Bride & Groom to stroll down, accompanied by the band's version of "Fantastic Voyage".

And THAT is how you do it!  Best wishes, you two.  You're off to a helluva start!


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