3 - It's the Magic Number.

What a busy weekend!  I performed 3 weddings and a taught a 3rd Chakra Yoga Workshop.  I'll sleep well tonight!

I love the range of weddings that I get to perform.  Saturday had me with Maria & Matt at Springdale Farm on the East side.  Matt is just back from Korea and was wearing his military finest.  Maria channeled her inner Molly Ringwald with a retro dress and pink pumps.  (I'm trying to find a photo, but Molly wore something very similar to her first wedding in France!  http://mollyringwald.atspace.org/article10.html)  Springdale Farm was adorable.  Chickens and a bathtub of beer, anyone? 

Sunday took me to the lovely Chapel Dulcinea in Driftwood to celebrate with Laura & Jordan.  It was a perfect Hill Country afternoon with a nice breeze (amazing for June!) and lots of tears and love in the air.

I capped off the weekend with a sunset low water crossing ceremony by the Mansfield Dam.  Carolyn & John have been together for 28 years and finally decided to take the plunge!  Bad pun, I know.  There was a car playing AC/DC "TNT" nearby.  I asked if Carolyn & John wanted me to ask them to turn it down and the said, "No!  It's great!".  We got a round of applause from the fishermen when the service was complete.

I'm thrilled, as usual, to be a part of these memories.

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