To heat or not to heat?

I had two outdoor weddings this past weekend.  If you live in Austin, you'll know that it was crazy freaking cold here!  However, they both went off without a hitch and I love that the couples just rolled with it.  A piece of advice:  don't pretend it's not cold.  That doesn't work.  You will be miserable.  So, instead, get heaters, wear fur, encourage your guests to bundle.  It CAN be fun! 

Below are some photos.  The first are from Jennifer & Lee's awesome, eclectic, eco-friendly wedding at Bear Creek Retreat.  The ended up tenting the whole deal, bringing in heaters, creative terrariums, middle eastern food, and cool music.  Jennifer & Lee really made an effort to entertain their guests!  (This was the wedding that had an owl fly the rings to the best man mid-ceremony.)  Bravo!

The second set of photos are from Leniece & Delano's ceremony at Chapel Dulcinea.  This wedding was total 30s glam and was all about family.  Leniece donned a chic fur wrap to fight the cold.  Well played, Leniece.

Congrats to both couples for a job well done!

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