"Rachel Getting Married": a wedding idea

I was recently the speaker at a luncheon for the Nuptial Essentials Association of Wedding Professionals  (it's a mouthful, but it was a cool group of vendors:  caterers, florists, DJs, venue managers, planners, etc.).  To break the ice, we went around the room and introduced ourselves with our favorite wedding movie.  I had to go second!  I actually had never presented myself with this challenge before - funny because I do something wedding-related pretty much every day. 

So, scrambling to come up with something that was honest (but would also, naturally, make me look cool!) I remembered that awesome scene in "Rachel Getting Married" where Tunde Adebimpe (otherwise known as "that guy from TV on the Radio") sang an a cappella version of Neil Young's "Unknown Legend" at the altar.  See here:

Admittedly, this Jonathan Demme movie is a little depressing.  But, I did walk away thinking "what a cool wedding!".  If you haven't seen it, it's about a family of musicians whose elder daughter is marrying another musician.  The younger daughter, played by Anne Hathaway, is struggling with addiction.  The actual wedding is kind of a traveling talent show - featuring all sorts of cultural traditions and performances.  After viewing, I promptly bought the soundtrack and had it on repeat for weeks.

Just putting it out there for you Austin folks - I think this idea could really work here!  We are fortunate to have such a wealth of musical talent.  (See my Vendors Page for friends of mine.)  Unfortunately, I am not personal friends with Robyn Hitchcock who makes an appearance in the film.  But, Alice Spencer and Mariachi Relampago are great substitutes!  I'll leave you with this:

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