Small, delicious wedding

Looking for an intimate wedding idea in Austin?  Well, I officiated a great one a few weeks ago!  A couple from Dallas came down with their best friends for the night and had a short & sweet ceremony in the private garden house at Travaasa (it used to be The Crossing on Lake Travis).   

When I walked in the space, my breath was literally taken away!  The small stone structure had one perfectly set table in the middle, surrounded by floor candles.  It oozed atmosphere (in a good way).  We performed the ceremony on the balcony and then a chef showed up to cook an amazing looking meal for the two couples.  And - genius - when they were done, a golf cart ride to their hotel room was just a phone call away!

I would definitely consider this for a smaller wedding.  Heck, I would consider it for a smaller anything!  


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