Pinterest Perfect!

Aahhh.... Pinterest.  I've been avoiding you because I know I will love you.   I did the same with Photoshop and when I finally gave in - I did it with full abandon!  I'm an "all in" kind of gal.   

I've heard brides hemming and hawing about Pinterest and Etsy a lot recently.  Both are a blessing and a curse.  They can truly inspire you .... or truly overwhelm you.  I think it's important to strike a fine balance between what is doable and what is actually FUN TO DO!   

A recent wedding I officiated, Becky & Derek's wedding at the Barr Mansion, achieved just that:  It was beautiful, luxe, thoughful ... but not obnoxiously over-designed.  They went with a 20's Deco theme with an interesting palette of mint, gray & gold.  Lots of vintage rhinestones strewn here and there.  Really well done!  Bravo - 

Some of my photos to follow.  And, Becky has been kind enough to let me post her Pinterest boards!  Here's her wedding one for inspiration: 

And, what I find even more interesting, is the following board she created for her bridesmaids:  What a smart way to retain some control over the look of your ladies, but let them have a hand in, and be comfortable with, the final outcome.  I can guarantee that these ladies will wear these sassy Gatsby dresses again! 


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